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[PP][blocker] Necko: Messenger hangs trying to send or recieve mail


(Core :: Networking, defect, P1, blocker)

Mac System 8.5





(Reporter: jay, Assigned: gordon)



(Whiteboard: Looks like a necko problem with blocking writes on the mac)

Composing a new message and sending it (clicking the Send button) or trying to
recieve new mail (clicking Get Msg button) freezes up messenger (and
apprunner). (This occurs in today's NECKO build, it was not a problem with
yesterdays M9 w/o NECKO build)

Step: Self explanatory - try sending a message and after you freeze and restart
messenger, compose a new message in 4.7 and try to recieve it with messenger and
freeze again.

Machine and Build:
MacOS 8.5.1 with build 1999072908

Note: Not a problem with Win32 or Linux builds
cc: pmock and mscott.  Scott- would this belong to you?
Component: Necko → Networking-Mail
Summary: [PP] Messenger hangs trying to send or recieve mail → [PP] Necko: Messenger hangs trying to send or recieve mail
just changing component. Per mscott suggestion, we don't need a Necko component
for mail/news.
Assignee: gagan → mscott
Target Milestone: M9
I think this should be assigned to me and not gagan.

taking it from him...setting milestone to m9 and accepting.
adding hangas to the cc line. Paul, can you try sending me a message with your
Summary: [PP] Necko: Messenger hangs trying to send or recieve mail → [PP][blocker] Necko: Messenger hangs trying to send or recieve mail
We need to get this fixed soon.  Peter sees this too.
Priority: P3 → P1
This should be P1, marking so, hope that's ok
Hey Paul, can we sit at your machine and step through the debugger this morning?
Whiteboard: Looks like a necko problem with blocking writes on the mac
This appears to be a necko specific Mac bug with blocking writes and the socket

It looks like the socket transport on the Mac hangs whenever we make a blocking
write on the socket interface. Calling write on the output stream for the socket
never returns and we freeze the Mac. I haven't stepped into the write to see
where we freeze yet. This is why we freeze both when sending messages and
getting new mail. These are the two netwerk operations we perform on the Mac
which involve blocking writes to the socket transport.

Adding rick potts and warren to the cc list as this is looking like a core necko
problem and not a mailnews specifc one.
Assignee: mscott → gordon
Component: Networking-Mail → Necko
Re-assigning to gordon as this is a necko bug (changing the component too =)).
Gordon, you should be able to test this using the necko socket test instead of

I'm performining a blocking write on the nsSocketTransport.
Product: MailNews → Browser
Hey Gordon, do you have any updates on this bug? This is really hurting the mac
mail client as you can't use it for dogfood at all right now. Please let me know
if I can help.
I'm working on bringing up the socket test on Mac. I hope to have more

information later today.
Blocks: 11349
we see this when we first get pop mail.

here's a stack trace:

 00000000    PPC  0EB4AAD4
  03309D80    PPC  0EB49EE8  main+00060
  03309D30    PPC  0EB49738  main1(int, char**)+00E2C
  03309B90    PPC  0EA504D8  nsAppShellService::Run()+00020
  03309B50    PPC  0E91C46C  nsAppShell::Run()+00050
  03309AD0    PPC  0E91D210  nsMacMessagePump::DoMessagePump()+00044
  03309A80    PPC  0E91D518  nsMacMessagePump::DispatchEvent(int,
  03309A30    PPC  0EAA9E9C  Repeater::DoRepeaters(const EventRecord&)+00034
  033099F0    PPC  0E8FEEF0  nsToolkit::RepeatAction(const EventRecord&)+00044
  033099B0    PPC  0E13921C  nsEventQueueServiceImpl::ProcessEvents()+0002C
  03309970    PPC  0E1347A4  nsHashtable::Enumerate(int (*)(nsHashKey*, void*,
void*), void*)
  03309930    PPC  0E1BC63C  PL_HashTableEnumerateEntries+00060
  033098C0    PPC  0E133FE4  _hashEnumerate(PLHashEntry*, int, void*)+00030
  03309880    PPC  0E13917C  EventDispatchingFunc(nsHashKey*, void*,
  03309840    PPC  0E150228  nsEventQueueImpl::ProcessPendingEvents()+00018
  03309800    PPC  0E1BB508  PL_ProcessPendingEvents+00078
  033097B0    PPC  0E1BB63C  PL_HandleEvent+0004C
  03309770    PPC  0EB2A224
  03309720    PPC  0EB2B104  nsOnDataAvailableEvent::HandleEvent()+00044
  033096D0    PPC  0DABFC14  nsMsgProtocol::OnDataAvailable(nsIChannel*,
nsISupports*, nsIInp
utStream*, unsigned int, unsigned int)+00078
  03309680    PPC  0DAA943C  nsPop3Protocol::ProcessProtocolState(nsIURI*,
nsIInputStream*, u
nsigned int, unsigned int)+00374
  03309570    PPC  0DAA5C10  nsPop3Protocol::SendUsername()+00104
  033094E0    PPC  0DAA5584  nsPop3Protocol::SendData(nsIURI*, const
  033094A0    PPC  0DABFB40  nsMsgProtocol::SendData(nsIURI*, const char*)+00088
  03309440    PPC  0E1864CC  nsBufferOutputStream::Write(const char*, unsigned
int, unsigned
*** Bug 10971 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Blocks: 7010
This bug may also be causing
so that News on the Mac is not able to be used.
*** Bug 11749 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
So I've got the TestSocketTransport up and running on the Mac, and it seems to
work fine for both the async and sync cases.  I'm trying to reproduce the problem
with my build of AppRunner, but I'm currently blocked by strange menu behavior.
Therefore I am unable to set the user name and server for mail.

Patrick Beard's build (pulled at the same time) doesn't have the same problem, so
I'm going to ask some of the XPFE folks how my setup could be causing this.
*** Bug 11760 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
*** Bug 11752 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
I checked in 2 fixes that I think will fix this problem. Please try it again.

Thanks to Gordon and Patrick for tracking it down.
I'm pulling and building the tip now on my mac.  I'll report back with the
I'm able to get new news articles and post a news article from the mac.

I'm also able to send email and get IMAP mail.

nice work, gordon, patrick and warren.
Great work guys.

Using today Mac commercial seamonkey build 1999-08-13-m9 build, I can
successfully send and receive on POP, IMAP, and news.

Marking bug as verified.
Note: I find that I have to wait for the status bar says done before I can
perform the next mail operation.
Bulk move of all Necko (to be deleted component) bugs to new Networking

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