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Smoke Test and Automated Page Loading and Performance Test Blocking Bugs


(Core Graveyard :: Tracking, defect, P3)

Windows 95


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: chofmann, Assigned: hong_bugmail)



(Keywords: meta, perf)

dependency tracking for things that need to be fixed to keep the testing system
healthy and happy...
Blocks: 7229
Depends on: 10333, 10335, 10406, 10797, 10940, 11142, 11184
Depends on: 11279
Depends on: 5117, 8705, 10805, 10905
Depends on: 11204
Depends on: 11484
No longer depends on: 11484
Depends on: 11484
Depends on: 11404
Depends on: 11708
No longer depends on: 11708
No longer depends on: 8705
Removing 8705.  gerardok indicates not blocking QA automation.
Depends on: 13352
Adding 13352
Depends on: 14223
Added 14223 "JavaScript code not executed" problem
Depends on: 13706
Added 13706, "Links fail in Child window on Mac and Linux Apprunner."
Adding 11141
Depends on: 11141
Depends on: 15762
Depends on: 17835
Added 17835, "Swapping focus, assigning value onFocus, changing window location
crashes application."
Depends on: 21459
Added 21459, "Can not submit form onLoad event."
Depends on: 23036
Depends on: 20619
Depends on: 23053
Keywords: perf
Adding perf to keyword field.
Depends on: 17088
Adding 17088.
Adding 20764 to list.
Depends on: 20764
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 26115
Adding bug# 26115 to list.
Adding bug# 26129 to list.
Adding 26103.
Depends on: 26103
Adding 28012
Depends on: 28012
Adding 30899 "JS library access denied to every second html file opened in child 
Depends on: 30899
Adding 29270
Depends on: 29270
No longer depends on: 30899
Depends on: 29370
No longer depends on: 29270
Adding 10245
Depends on: 10245
Adding 27339, Having intranet address in URL redirecting page to keyword search
Adding 27339
Depends on: 27339
Removed bug# 29370
No longer depends on: 29370
adding 43280...blocking Gecko standards team automation.
Depends on: 43280
Depends on: 45817
Adding 45817
Updating QA Contact
QA Contact: leger → paw
Assigning to paw.
Assignee: leger → paw
reassign to hong to keep this bug open or to close it out.
Assignee: paw → hong
QA Contact: paw → hong
The only dependency still open is the old 11204, so could we close that one now ? 

marking fixed 
Closed: 17 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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