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UITour: tell the page when a Hello room view opens or closes


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Firefox 37
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The Hello tour needs to know when a room view ("conversation") is opened or closed:

* After guiding the user to click "New Room", we want to then point to the room view and ask them to click Email/Copy Link.
* If the user closes the view instead of sharing a link, we want to adjust the tour (so it's not pointing at a non-existent view)
* At the end of a successful conversation, we'd like to know they're done.

Note that it's possible for a user to create multiple rooms (and close them!).

The backend of this should probably involve Hello using existing message passing mechanisms to tell chrome (UITour) that a view was opened/closed, and then UITour can notify any existing tour pages. API TBD -- probably want the page to explicitly opt-in to receiving notifications/callbacks, but we could also just create and fire DOM events at the tour page.

Some possible overlap with bug 1080944 -- the open notification could include the size/position of the room view.
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r+ on the parts I know anything about (ie, not including Loop)

::: browser/components/loop/MozLoopService.jsm
(Diff revision 1)
> +          UITour.notify("LoopChatWindowClosed");

My preference would be to namespace these event names, to help add organisation/structure.

So something like "Loop:ChatWindowClosed"
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/r/1155 - Bug 1080947 - UITour: tell the page when a Hello chat window opens or closes. r=Standard8,Unfocused

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::: browser/components/loop/MozLoopService.jsm
(Diff revision 2)
> +        chatbox.contentWindow.addEventListener("unload", function onUnloadChat(evt) {
> +          UITour.notify("Loop:ChatWindowClosed");
> +        });
> +
>          let window = chatbox.contentWindow;

Move 'let window = ...' to above the addEventListener line.
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Needed for Fx35 Hello tour, no unusual risk.
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