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Android client for reading list service


(Android Background Services Graveyard :: Reading List Sync, defect)

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This bug tracks work to synchronize reading list data with the service we're building in

Work will include:

* FxA OAuth integration.
* Frontend settings, perhaps touching the FxA setup wizard.
* Implementing the syncing service itself, which is likely to be a SyncAdapter (giving us a checkbox in Settings).

Filing in 'Core' until I get a component for this.
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WIP is here. I might break this out into more individual bugs if I want to get things landed but keep this open to track deps.
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Component: Core → Reading List Sync
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Leaving this marked as r? for Nick, even though it's still undergoing some polish.

We won't pref this on until probably March 20th, when we'll have a final URL, so there's little risk in landing now.
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Pull req.

Oy, what a patch!  I can't say I follow the nuances but I think I get the broad strokes.  It's just what you pre-flighted (bravo) and just what I expected, modulo a few nits.

I would like to see:

1) commenting in all the delegate interface definitions.  Understanding "called once" vs. "called many times" is hard without this.

2) fleshing out or removing completely the stubs for "ensure downloaded".  Whatever this is intended to be, it's confusing right now.

3) a folding/extraction pass on the GH patch series along functional lines.  Evolution is good for in-flight review but not good for understanding functional units in isolation, which is what we'll want 6 months from now.

Perhaps: pre/constants/logging, client, storage, synchronizer, adapter integration?
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Comments addressed in the GitHub branch.

I'll fold but won't push, to preserve history. Then I'll merge and land.
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No longer depends on: 1133158
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No longer depends on: 974664, 1142596, 1142600
Follow-up work for the client is tracked in Bug 1142847.
Needs uplift. Uplift is safe: code turned off.
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