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[Tracking] Fine grained test selection


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A 2015 goal for the Ateam is to provide more and smarter ways to split tests up. There has already been a lot of effort in this area, but it was never formulated as a high level goal.

Things that are actively being worked on or on the radar:
* using test runtimes to normalize chunks
* move chunking logic out of test harnesses and into manifestparser
* chunking by arbitrary labels (i.e ability to hand pick tests into specific chunks)
* run-by-dir everywhere (ensure chunks never split a directory of tests down the middle.. this is already implemented for some harnesses)

In 2015 Q1 the focus will be on the first two bullet points for mochitest only. This is a tracking bug to collect all related dependencies.
Depends on: 1120983
Depends on: 1131098
Depends on: 1132154
Depends on: 1137339
Depends on: 1139904
Whiteboard: [ateam_harness_work]
Depends on: 1142050
Depends on: 1142112
Depends on: 987360
Depends on: 1146871
Depends on: 1146885
Depends on: 1173114
Severity: normal → S3
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