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[meta] Consolidate colors in resources with UX color palette




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4 years ago
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:antlam has a color palette for Fennec, so we should mirror that in our resources. Pros:
  * He can give us color names, rather than hex codes
  * We're less likely to duplicate existing colors
  * Cleaner color resources file
  * Can help us pinpoint inconsistent colors

Awaiting :antlam discussions w/ desktop UX and FE meeting discussions.

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4 years ago

I started trying to use colors.xml whenever I saw duplicated hex values.

To avoid trying to fix the world at once, I think we should try to land a minimal color palette, and then we can always add new values/update values that currently exist in the tree as we go.
Waiting on you, :antlam! :)
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Yeah I'd like to get this moving too. Let's get some meeting time in person to get started on this week of the 16th (Feb)?

Attaching screenshot of color palette I currently use (probably not that useful but will remind me)
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Note: we could also do this with Type! (?)
(will email)
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Alias: fennec-colors-v1
Summary: Consolidate colors in resources with UX color palette → [meta] Consolidate colors in resources with UX color palette
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