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Account for Toolkit's style changes in about: pages ("Project Chameleon", bug 1097111)


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Pre-Chameleon: SeaMonkey 2.36 (Firefox 39)
Pre-Australis: SeaMonkey 2.25 (Firefox 28)
Firefox is currently changing styles of several Toolkit pages. Since we are inheriting pages and/or styles from Toolkit, this requires respective action on the suite/ side. Possible are:

 - adapt XUL/XHTML pages to match CSS style changes on Toolkit side
 - adapt CSS pages to match XUL/XHTML changes on Toolkit side
 - fork XUL/XHTML/CSS pages to retain current styling

This is currently work in progress for various about: pages in the 38.0 cycle and tracked by bug 1097111 on the Firefox side. Not all about: pages are actually coming from Toolkit, thus may need individual per-page investigation.

Modern /may/ be easier than Default given that it comes with its own self-contained styles, whereas Default uses more of the Toolkit pages.
(Quoting from bug 1133380 comment #9)
> [...] many of them are specific to Firefox so don't affect us;
> about:neterror appears to be in that category. However there are some that will
> affect us such as about:about, buildconfig, cache, crashes, license, rights.

(Quoting rsx11m from bug 1133380 comment #10)
> Add about:support to the list, [...]
Depends on: 1192276
Depends on: 1022354, 1189918
It is my understanding that the changes made in bug 1189918 and bug 1190465 now enable us to fork Toolkit style pages for the classic/default theme without harming theme developers, thus I've filed bug reports for affected about: pages that I'm aware and added those as dependencies.
Depends on: 1239883
User Story: (updated)
Depends on: 1296433
[Placeholder for blocking bug to be filed] While bug 1222818 (to be amended by bug 1296433 for button appearance) found a nice set of styles for this specific page, it would be good to solve the common issues (like fonts, backgrounds, button appearance, etc.) in a global override of the Toolkit styles, thus avoiding having to do this for each about:* page individually.
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