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wpt cache-storage-keys tests fail with "unpaired\uD800" cache key


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Investigate why the cache-storage.https.html tests fail the "CacheStorage names are DOMString not USVStrings" test.  Also note that these values breakcache-storage-keys.https.html when it attempts to cleanup the "unpaired\uD8000" value.
I suspect the default encoding in sqlite is a problem here.  I will try explicitly setting to UTF16.
UTF-16 encoding sqlite fixes this.  Kind of sucks to pessimize database size for such a corner case, though...
Assignee: nobody → bkelly
Actually, I can avoid that by using Blob for the key type in the database.  Just makes the code a bit clunky.
I disabled cache-storage-keys.https.html and bkelly said to use this bug to track re-enabling it.
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This bug is to re-enable and fix the problem.  So re-opening.
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I disabled all WPT DOM Cache tests for now:
I will investigate the performance impact of using blobs for all strings in bug 1110458.

I also still need a follow-on patch here to re-enable the relevant WPT test or add a mochitest that triggers the same problem.
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P2 Use Blobs for CacheStorage keys to avoid encoding issues. r=ehsan

Review of attachment 8596831 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: dom/cache/DBSchema.cpp
@@ +1193,5 @@
>    rv = BindId(state, 16, aResponseBodyId);
>    if (NS_WARN_IF(NS_FAILED(rv))) { return rv; }
> +  rv = state->BindUTF8StringAsBlobParameter(17, aResponse.securityInfo());


@@ +1328,5 @@
>      rv = ExtractId(state, 5, &aSavedResponseOut->mBodyId);
>      if (NS_WARN_IF(NS_FAILED(rv))) { return rv; }
>    }
> +  rv = state->GetBlobAsUTF8String(6, aSavedResponseOut->mValue.securityInfo());

Very nice!
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P1 Add convenience routines to bind and get Blobs as strings. r=asuth

Try shows the new methods leak.  Let me investigate.
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The string should Adopt() the buffer as GetBlob() passes ownership.
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P1 Add convenience routines to bind and get Blobs as strings. r=asuth

Review of attachment 8597262 [details] [diff] [review]:

Templates for the win!  (It's nice how your use of templates eliminates boilerplate-y code.)

Since the service worker cache logic clearly already has test failures for this and is implementing full coverage/usage of the new logic, I'm signing off on it being okay for there to not be new storage coverage for this.  Especially since the motivating use-case for this is complicated string encoding stuff that's way above mozStorage's pay grade and our existing tests for bindBlobByName are in JS which adds even more nuances I don't think we want/need to get into.

::: storage/public/mozIStorageStatement.idl
@@ +215,5 @@
> +   * @param aIndex
> +   *        0-based colummn index.
> +   * @return The value for the result Blob column interpreted as a String.
> +   *         No encoding conversion is performed.
> +   * @{

The @{ and @} aren't necessary here and in the next comment, please remove.  The existing usage was to try and reuse a comment across two getters.
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(cc'ing mak for awareness of attachment 8597262 [details] [diff] [review] adding string-as-blob convenience helpers to mozStorage for speak-now-or-complain-less-later purposes since this bug is outside the storage component.  :bent is already aware of the use-case from IRC and probably watching this component.)
This patch re-enables the cache-storage wpt tests.  I added the following bugs for issues found:

  bug 1158262
  bug 1158265
  bug 1158263
  bug 1158292
  bug 1158301
  bug 1158306
  bug 1158314
  bug 1158324
  bug 1158319
  bug 1158347

Note, I left the serviceworker tests disabled as the MessageChannel reference error prevents any of them from running anyway.  The previous ini settings were a bit deceptive in that it made it look like only one test failed, but in fact none of them ran.
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I'd like to land bug 1120501 before landing this one.
Depends on: 1120501
Removed a FAIL from the sandboxed test now that bug 1158319 has landed.
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Depends on: 1248757
Component: DOM → DOM: Core & HTML
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