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deploy updated to all windows systems


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Please replace the existing copy of installed on all windows systems with the updated version at
The equivalent puppet change is in bug 1155238.
Blocks: 1155238
callek: I would to deploy this out to a test pool of Windows machines first. I think one OS would be fine. Is there a set of 2008 machines I could use?
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We'll need a relengapi token deployed as well, which will work a lot like the google API key.  It should be named 'relengapi.tok' and stored in the same directory as the google API key (or any other "secret" data).  Its contents are on the puppetmasters:

[ ~]# hiera slave_relengapi_token
...secret here...

let me know where this goes, and I'll try to make it work in puppet, too.
The google api key is currently in C:\builds.
Let's pick a pool, and/or just ship this to all windows hosts?
From a separate email thread:

* t-xp32-ix-106 (winxp) 
* t-w864-ix-094 (win8)
(In reply to Mark Cornmesser [:markco] from comment #5)
> From a separate email thread:

As well as ...


    b-2008-ix-0081 -> b-2008-ix-0091 (Note there's no b-2008-ix-0089)


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I am going to move forward with testing with the 2008 pool and the win 7 pool. I think that is reasonable coverage for testing this.
The test pools should be picking up the new version of tooltool shortly here.
The test pools have been enabled.
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This is going out to production now
Both the new and relengapi.tok is a file copy through gpo from sysvol to the local clients.
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