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Remove most error display code from browser-syncui and browser-fxaccounts


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Firefox 42
42.3 - Aug 10
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browser-syncui has lots of code for handling errors - all of this can be removed, including all the special handling of various errors things we never report for. All code should be deleted from here, including the strings referenced in the helper functions.

The code in services/sync/policies.js should probably not be touched as part of this bug - it can continue to send the observer notifications, but no one will act on them.

browser-fxaccounts already listens for the "needs reauth" error state and it should continue to do so. It already updates the hamburger menu itself - we should verify that this correctly reflects the current mockups in bug 1177589.

We then need to ensure this code works with the "badging" facilities in bug 1180584, which will basically involve asking something in browser.js to add or remove our badge.
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Added Ryan Feeley's original design for this.
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markh, if it helps, I've attached an error bar my wife ran into and the related error log.
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(In reply to Chris Karlof [:ckarlof] from comment #4)
> markh, if it helps, I've attached an error bar my wife ran into and the
> related error log.

Thanks, but after staring at that for a long while, I realized that we avoided many of these errors showing up in bug 1149729, which landed in 39, while these logs are from 38.
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Summary: Nuke all error display code from browser-syncui and browser-fxaccounts and replace it with showing auth errors in the hamburger menu → Remove most error display code from browser-syncui and browser-fxaccounts
Hi Drew,
  This patch is basically nuking alot of browser-syncui as bug 1180584 is arranging for the Sync error states we care about to be reflected in the hamburger menu rather than in an infobar. Sadly I couldn't nuke the entire infobar as the FxA-migration code still uses it and we decided not to bother touching that here. We've also made an explicit decision to remove all other error states, including things like "Haven't Synced for 14 days" because we don't feel there's any value given the user probably can't take any action to resolve it.

Desktop has always had some support for a "quota" to limit how much storage each user can consume - but the Sync servers have never actually implemented that - so all that UI was basically dead code - so I've just nuked all that too.

Note also that there are still some readinglist fragments hanging around, but that will all die when I manage to land bug 1184005.
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lgtm.  Pour one out for the XXXzpao comment though.
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