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Paste words in location bar: newlines are removed, words are merged


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Steps to reproduce:

Pasted this multi-line string into the awesome location bar:
White House
Washington DC

Actual results:

My string got transformed and this is what got in the bar:
White HouseWashington DCUSA

Expected results:

White House Washington DC USA
2 legit use cases are conflicting here.

First, when user wants to paste an URL, and this URL might have been broken into piece by a mail software or other. The correct behavior is to remove the newline and merge the long URL pieces, as discussed in bug 1014246. This already works.

Second, when user wants to search terms (e.g. a geographic address, a sentence, etc.). The correct behavior is to replace each newline by a space. This currently doesn't work.

I understand the choice might not always be obvious. Afaict, the same use cases in Chromium always work as expected.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: Untriaged → Location Bar
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