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Allow creating new contacts and lists when AB quick search field has focus: Enable [New Contact] and [New List] commands which are disabled


(MailNews Core :: Address Book, defect)

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(firefox43 affected)

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firefox43 --- affected


(Reporter: bugzilla2007, Assigned: aceman)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


(Keywords: regression, Whiteboard: [regression:TB38])

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1143812 +++

Per bug 1143812, we want [New Contact] and [New List] commands to be always enabled in AB regardless of current focus, defaulting to "Personal AB".
They should never be disabled.

In bug 1143812, as a workaround we temporarily disabled focusing the search box to keep these enabled when AB window opens, as it was not clear how to reliably enable them. So that workaround should be reverted here.
> 214	  // Focus the searchbox as we think the user will want to do that
> 215	  // with the highest probability.
> 216	  // Bug 1143812: This is disabled for now to keep the New Contact command enabled.
> 217	  // QuickSearchFocus();

(In reply to :aceman from bug 1143812 comment #51)
> (In reply to Thomas D. from bug 1143812 comment #50)
> > Would it help to remove the following lines which seem superfluous:
> >
> > abCommon.js#498
> > 498   goUpdateCommand('cmd_newlist');
> > 499   goUpdateCommand('cmd_newCard');
> > 
> > goUpdateCommand does nothing but en/disable commands; if we never disable,
> > this shouldn't be needed.
> Even if we remove the explicit updates, something implicit may still update
> the commands. So I would still consider it risky.
Depends on: 1193168
Blocks: 1143812
No longer depends on: 1143812
Aceman, are you taking this?
Yes, thanks.
Assignee: nobody → acelists
See Also: → 1046121
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