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Consider adding tracking protection to Family Friendly Browsing


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We discussed this several times but we don't have a bug for this.

In general there are multiple options:

1) Let the user of the restricted profile decide: There's no action needed here. If we decide to let bug 1185163 (tri-state) ride the trains then restricted profiles will have it too.

2) Let the device admin enable/disable tracking protection for the restricted profile.

3) Always/Never enable tracking protection (No setting for anyone).

Depending on the option: Should the user of the restricted profile be able to disable tracking protection for certain sites?
Good points, I feel we need to make a decision to unblocks
Blocks: 1222390
No longer depends on: 1222390
Barbara, Margaret: Has there been any movement here? Maybe we should move this if we can't get to a decision for 45.
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I should hear back from Marshall this week regarding option 1). 

Let's assume we are going with 1) -- I assume we would still need to add this item to the admin UI for the parent to disable or enable. 

I'm fine with moving delaying this until we have a decision for 1).
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I thought one of the goals of putting tracking protection in restricted profiles was to enable it by default, so going with 1) alone wouldn't fix this. Also, allowing the admin to disable this piece of UI would prevent the restricted user from ever using tracking protection, so I think we should avoid adding admin UI to control this (or if there is admin UI to disable the ability to change the state, we should enable it by default).

However, I feel like we can make a much bigger impact by exposing the tracking protection pref in all profiles, so I would like to see us work on landing that first. Then we can revisit the issue of changing the default state for restricted profiles.
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Do you mean tracking protection on by default even without PB? That could be an issue for legal.
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(In reply to Barbara Bermes [:barbara] from comment #5)
> Do you mean tracking protection on by default even without PB? That could be
> an issue for legal.

Yes, and I agree that this is something we would need to clear with legal. This isn't something we would ever want to do for normal profiles, but I think it could make sense for restricted profiles, if parents want to prevent their children from being track.

If the main proposal here is to just expose the tracking protection setting in restricted profiles, I feel like our energy would be best spent exposing that everywhere, not just in restricted profiles.
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