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Remove the Data Store API


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Data Store access is registered during app installation from a mozApp manifest. As we are removing mozApps we also need to remove the Data Store API.
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Blocks: 1252143
How urgent is this work? Do you know who's going to do it, Ben?
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If it's about removing this API, I can do it. Do we need to do something before getting rid of its source code?
This is part of the B2G Transition Project (meta bug 1252143) to deprecate mozApps and related APIs in favour of new web standards

Fabrice has already removed:
* System Messages API (bug 1261013)
* Web Activities API (bug 1261001)

Still to do are:
* Data Store API (this bug)
* Inter-app Communication API (bug 1261011)
* Mobile ID API (bug 1252573) - ready to land

NOTE: These APIs are initially being removed on the *pine* branch which will be merged back into mozilla-central once the TV team have branched Firefox OS 2.6.

There are no further MoCo resources currently assigned to this project after May and we're doing as much as we can to clean up Gecko in that time, so any help is appreciated.
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("fixlater" just means "ideally within the next few months")
Whiteboard: btpp-fixlater
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Maybe I forgot something, but so far it compiles. I'll post the treeherder result when ready.
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thanks for taking that!
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I've moved all the DataStore-related pages to the archive, and added a note to the Firefox 49 release ntoes to say it has been removed:
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