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Firefox 52
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This meta bug keeps track of all audio Controls Enhancement implementation on Fennec.
Depends on: 1268367, 1235612
Keywords: meta
Summary: [TDC] [meta] Fennec Audio Controls Enhancement → [meta] Fennec Audio Controls Enhancement
Depends on: 1269672
Blocks: 1273552
Keywords: feature
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 51
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[Why is this notable]:These bugs handle media control on Fennec which benefits users greatly to be aware of the current media playing status and also deals with the multiple tab scenarios.
and In particular, Bug 1273552 could be avoided and resolved.
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2 years ago
QA Contact: sorina.florean

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2 years ago
The QA work will be tracked here - https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Fennec/Fennec_Audio_Controls_Enhancement (not updated now)
Depends on: 1290467
No longer depends on: 1290467
Depends on: 1290467
Depends on: 1316876
Blocks: 1316876
No longer depends on: 1316876
Depends on: 1322114
Depends on: 1326114
Depends on: 1329122
Depends on: 1329209
Rachelle, do you know when we will ship this?
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Hi Sylvestre, 

I believe the feature of remote media control was already landed in Firefox52 with the pref-on Bug1290836.
and besides, a sign-off report from Softvision with the recommendation of feature status: GREEN/STABLE/ SHIP it on Nov 02, 2016 was endorsed.
Thank you very much! hope it helps!
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Rachelle, thanks for these information. We should probably add this in the release notes.
Could you forward the sign off email to Julien Cristau and myself? Thanks
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Hi Sylvestre,

I just sent the sign-off report of Fennec Audio Controls Enhancement in Firefox52 to you.fyi.

Thank you very much !
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Target Milestone: Firefox 51 → Firefox 52
adding to fennec 52 release notes
relnote-firefox: ? → 52+
Depends on: 1335452
Depends on: 1340191
Summary: [meta] Fennec Audio Controls Enhancement → [meta] Fennec Media Controls
To be clear, this feature is to show a media control on Android notification bar to let user easily pause or resume media playback. User can be aware that audio or video is playing on Firefox as well to avoid using up their mobile data.
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