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Convert existing Firefox strings to FTL


(L20n :: General, defect)

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(Reporter: zbraniecki, Unassigned)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


(Whiteboard: [gecko-l20n][tracking])

User Story

We need to develop scripts that will take care of transitioning DTD/Properties to FTL.

The conversion should be data-driven, so that tools can opt to execute the migration (and internal meta data) on their backend.

The conversions we execute should keep blame, but they don't need to replay history. We should, in particular for merge day, reorder and squash commits by the same author, to reduce the number of commits to what's necessary for blame.
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Blocks: gecko-l20n
User Story: (updated)
Adding bugs 1280668, 1280677; we need the l10n conversions to land the actual code migrations.
Blocks: 1280668, 1280677
User Story: (updated)
Depends on: 1288141
Depends on: 1288146
Wouldn't blame still be available on removed files?
Yes, but it'd be hard to create metrics on the status quo on "who's contributing to this to which extent".
Mass change dependency tree for bug 1279002 into a whiteboard keyword.
No longer blocks: gecko-l20n
Whiteboard: [gecko-l20n]
Blocks: 1291693
Depends on: 1292215
We should figure out a storyline for the ZWNJ that users add today to work around empty strings in pootle.
Depends on: 1315005
Depends on: 1317336
No longer blocks: 1280677
No longer blocks: 1280668
Morphing this bug into a tracker of migration infrastructure needed for all of Firefox.

The parts that block the menubar landing block bug 1291693 directly, too, but this bug doesn't.
No longer blocks: 1291693
Whiteboard: [gecko-l20n] → [gecko-l20n][tracking]
Depends on: 1318960
Depends on: 1321279
Depends on: 1321281
Should this bug be closed, and dependencies cleaned up? I have the feeling a lot has been already done elsewhere.
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