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[meta] Improve interaction of Firefox automation with


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(Reporter: gps, Assigned: gps)


(Depends on 1 open bug, Blocks 1 open bug)


Filing a tracking bug for improving the interaction of Firefox build and test automation with

At this time, this is basically tracking getting automation to use:

* clonebundles (S3/CDN based cloning)
* streaming clone (faster cloning)
* a modern Mercurial version
* auto pooled and shared store (via robustcheckout extension)

In the future, it may involve sparse checkouts and shallow/narrow clones.
Depends on: 1270317
Depends on: 1273305
Depends on: 1270951
Depends on: 1277041
Depends on: 1286430
Hi gps,
Thanks for this tracker bug.

Are there any other bugs that need filing? I see few things listed in the initial comment and I'm unsure which ones have a bug and which ones have already been completed.

Could you also let me know which of the bugs is something we're commiting for this quarter while which ones are to be done if time permits?
Which ones would you be picking up for this quarter if any?

Thank you for your help.
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Depends on: 1247168
> * clonebundles (S3/CDN based cloning)

This is done except for TC.

> * streaming clone (faster cloning)

This is done except for TC.

> * a modern Mercurial version

This should be done. But it is an ongoing endeavor. We'll want to get automation updated to 3.9 in ~6 weeks because it adds a number of security enhancements.

> * auto pooled and shared store (via robustcheckout extension)

This is partially done. Still open components for build/tools repo and TC.

The biggest remaining work is overhauling TC to use pooled/shared storage and streaming clones. That is bug 1247168. That's on my radar for Q3.
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Thanks for the update!

For those "excpt for TC"; do we have bugs for them?

I set the bug to P1 as commiting for the quarter and assigned it for you.
Please adjust if need be.
I'm doing everything TC in bug 1247168. That may bleed into additional bugs as needed. Will have everything block this bug.
Depends on: 1275379
Depends on: 1259456
Depends on: 1289249
Depends on: 1289625
Depends on: 1289643
Depends on: 1290516
Depends on: 1291058
Depends on: 1291365
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