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Play back animated images using streaming decoding


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This is a metabug for the overall project of playing back animated images using streaming decoding. We want to get to the point where decoders can generate frames one at a time when the animated image compositor needs them, so that the only memory cost of animated images is the compositing surfaces that we actually display.

(I'm using the alias "streaming-gif" for this bug, even though it applies to animated PNGs as well, purely in the interest of brevity.)
Depends on: 1287691
Depends on: 1288040
Depends on: 1289628
Depends on: 1289957
Depends on: 1291033
Depends on: 1291045
Depends on: 1292392
Depends on: 1293449
Depends on: 1293472
Blocks: 1295501
Depends on: 1296147
Depends on: 1296172

Most of the dependent bugs look fixed now. Is this still something you're thinking of working on?

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Andrew, is this project still happening? I came across it in triage and it seemed possibly close to completion.

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I don't think this will be prioritized any time soon. With AVIF, we will explore decoding images within the media framework which could implement this.

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