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Shut off TC SETA scheduling until there's a tier-1 supported way to trigger skipped jobs


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The reason SETA scheduling is OK for buildbot to do is because it is implemented by skipping the tests, then when the time comes to run them, scheduling them on every skipped push and letting coalescing turn that into just one run of the skipped tests. Buildbot's coalescing is implemented in a way that lets buildapi/self-serve show coalesced jobs as though they ran on the push where they didn't actually run, which lets them be retriggered. There are two other convenience ways of triggering, the Treeherder "Backfill" menuitem and the Treeherder "Add new jobs" menuitem, but neither of those really count because they are unsupported; what matters is that self-serve exists, can trigger them, and is tier-1 supported, by which I mean that it being down is known to be a tree-closing bustage, it runs entirely on IT-supported hardware, and if you tell the IT oncall "releng's self-serve is busted, please page whoever's oncall for it" then they can.

My feeling is that "Add new jobs" did at some point work for TC tests, but it currently doesn't, so I have three orange ASan tests at the top of four skipped pushes, and absolutely no way to fill in the blanks, not even a non-tier-1 way.

Shut it off, please.
I don't know if the best way to shut this off is an in-tree commit (which will need to get merged around) or just shutting off the prod service.  Either way, Joel's your man.

Bug 1289823 and bug 1289824 are, I think, the bugs needed to re-enable SETA.
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this can be resolved easily!  I will disable this for tier-1 tests, but keep tier-2 tests (linux64 opt, android opt, linux64 pgo) using SETA.  My understanding of the technical definition of tier-2 is that it doesn't require backouts or tree closures and is optional for sheriffs to star, yet it is visible.  I am not sure if in practice it is really treated as tier-2, so we could shut off tier-2 stuff as well.

Right now we will disable SETA for linux64 debug and android debug.
oh, and linux64 asan
I'm actively working on fixing up pulse_actions.

I was about to say that "adding new jobs" work for TC but I just recalled that it is only enabled on Try (bug 1286894).

I will be chatting with bstack about those two bugs dustin mentioned later today.
Duplicate of this bug: 1313747
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Bug 1315145 - disable SETA on tier-1 platforms temporarily.

::: taskcluster/taskgraph/util/
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>      'User-Agent': 'TaskCluster'
>  }
>  # It's a list of project name which SETA is useful on
>  SETA_PROJECTS = ['mozilla-inbound', 'autoland']

Was this in here intentionally? It's fine but I thought it was another bug..
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Oh, I see the dup'd bug now, cool.
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disable SETA on tier-1 platforms temporarily. r=dustin
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