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Theming API - Google Chrome theme parity


(WebExtensions :: Themes, enhancement, P5)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: mikedeboer, Unassigned)


(Depends on 5 open bugs, Blocks 2 open bugs, )


(Whiteboard: epic, triaged)

Parity here means that we support at least the same set of theme manifest properties that Google Chrome supports internally. This includes legacy theme properties that Chrome still supports. Properties that don’t have a canonical equivalent in Firefox will be supported as dummies; they’re there, but don’t apply any styling change.
To reach parity, user stories blocking this epic need to be resolved.
Depends on: 1347182
Depends on: 1347184
Depends on: 1347188
Depends on: 1347190
webextensions: --- → ?
webextensions: ? → ---
Priority: -- → P5
Alias: themingapi-chrome
Depends on: 1412591
Depends on: 1412595
Depends on: 1415878
No longer blocks: themingapi-in-content
Depends on: 1335171
Depends on: 1387582
No longer depends on: themingapi-framework
Depends on: 1415872
No longer depends on: 1387582
Depends on: 1432524
No longer depends on: 1347184
No longer depends on: 1347190
No longer depends on: 1426686
Depends on: 1413144
mass move of existing themes bugs to new WebExtensions: Themes component
Component: WebExtensions: Frontend → WebExtensions: Themes
Depends on: 1442437
Depends on: 1442454
Depends on: 1442461
Product: Toolkit → WebExtensions
Depends on: 1470764
Severity: normal → S3
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