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(meta) Gecko PDF printing support




2 years ago
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(Reporter: fatseng, Unassigned)


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I create this bug to collect Gecko bugs which are in order to support Mortar printing.
Blocks: 1269760
Blocks: 1302489
Assignee: nobody → fatseng
Depends on: 1367948
Priority: -- → P1
Depends on: 1368948
Depends on: 1369302
No longer depends on: 1345786
Depends on: 1370488
No longer depends on: 1329881, 1345783, 1345789
Farmer, per talk today, we need to break the printing work into several steps:

#1 - Enable print-to-pdf function on Windows platforms. This is basically a follow-up from jwatt's previous implementation for macOS and Linux.

#2 - Enable PDF-to-EMF printing on Windows platforms. (doing EMF conversion on Chrome process). We expect a WIP patches attached in a bug so that we can push them to TRY and get a build to evaluate and local testing.

#3 - Run PDFium EMF conversion code on content process or isolated process in case of stability concern. Implement IPC communication betweeen chrome and content processes to complete EMF printing.

#4 - Implement a PDF test suite to verify overall implementation.
Alias: pdf-printing
Keywords: meta
Summary: [Mortar] [Meta] Gecko printing → Gecko PDF printing support
Depends on: 1372108
Depends on: 1372113
Depends on: 1359713
Depends on: 1372506
Duplicate of this bug: 1309441
Depends on: 1295109
Depends on: 1345786
Depends on: 1358076
Depends on: 1378608
Depends on: 1242463
Depends on: 1299848
Depends on: 1321689
Keywords: stale-bug
Priority: P1 → --
Assignee: fatseng → nobody
Summary: Gecko PDF printing support → (meta) Gecko PDF printing support
Depends on: 1399787
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