Permissions not correctly transmitted to processes which load Service Workers

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2 years ago
During the testing of Bug 1352764, Bug 1352765 and Bug 1352769, I detected a problem in Nightly 55 (2017-04-01). It didn't happen in Nightly (2017-03-20).
One specific push notification demo now doesn't work. Here's how to reproduce the bug:

1. Open
2. Enable Push Notifications on the page
3. Add some payload text and click "Send a push via XHR" button

Result: Notification doesn't appear (tested on clear profile)
Expected: Notification should appear. Sometimes it appears, very rarely


2 years ago
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Keywords: regression
Yea, stopped working for me as well when I upgraded from March 30 to April 1 nightly FF55.

I'm on travel at the moment and can't look at it for a few days.  Kit, any ideas?
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2 years ago
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regressed by bug 1337056.
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Tracking 55+ for this regression.


2 years ago
Depends on: 1353179

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2 years ago
The reason why this is occurring is because the ServiceWorker is being loaded in a process which has not loaded yet. This means that the permissions for that domain haven't been sent down yet. This should have been caught by my assertions, but I messed up when implementing the assertion and the assertions don't fire in this specific case. I've filed bug 1353179 to fix this assertion.

To fix this specific problem, I need to send down permissions to the content process loading the ServiceWorker whenever the ServiceWorker is loaded. I don't currently understand the events which occur during the creation of a ServiceWorker. If there is a convenient place where we are in the parent process, and know the principal of the ServiceWorker which we are just about to ask to load a ServiceWorker, that would be a great place to send the permissions down. bkelly, is there a convenient place like that?
Assignee: nobody → michael
Component: DOM: Push Notifications → DOM: Service Workers
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Summary: Push notifications in one specific demo stopped working (Nightly 2017-04-01) → Permissions not correctly transmitted to processes which load Service Workers

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2 years ago
This patch should send down the permissions to the content process before
starting the Service Worker in it. Like we talked about on IRC, this is mostly a
stopgap solution which will need to be changed in the future when we get a
single ServiceWorker per origin per firefox instance.

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Send permissions to the content process before dispatching push events

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Sorry I was on travel during this discussion.  Looks like its been taken care of, though.  Thanks!
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2 years ago
Blocks: 1353179
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2 years ago
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Send permissions to the content process before dispatching push events, r=catalinb

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2 years ago
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