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264ms jank inside GetFontKeyForScaledFont during tab switching


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(Reporter: mstange, Assigned: lsalzman)



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Whiteboard: [wr-mvp]
I suspect this might be the very large Apple Color Emoji font. We should probably just be pulling that from the system instead of getting the font data and passing it all around. We should also look at making this path faster, it looks like we are doing multiple copies of the font data.
This avoids using a temporary buffer and does the actual resource queuing inside the font callback, so that we can just read straight from mmap'd buffers and such.
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Priority: P2 → P1
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avoid copying font data in WebRenderBridgeChild::GetFontKeyForScaledFont. r=jrmuizel
Keywords: leave-open
OS: Mac OS X → All
This makes it possible to send font descriptors over to WebRender.

This patch is mostly just plumbing through callbacks and IPDL to serialize the descriptor and then send it over.
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This patch depends on this upstream WR pull request that adds a FreeType NativeFontHandle to WR:
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Have to plumb through whether the UnscaledFontDWrite is from the system font collection or not, since this is where dwrote-rs currently looks for family names that are sent over.

The basic approach is to get the font's family and style info, then check if it matches up when we query it in the same manner as dwrote-rs would.
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Nothing too fancy here. Just reads the postscript name of the font and sends it over, like webrender_api does when its serializes NativeFontHandle.
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Blob image currently expects all fonts to be transmitted via raw font data, otherwise it crashes. This fixes blob image to properly support this new native font handle/descriptor mechanism so that everything works again.
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Keywords: leave-open
Depends on: 1413178
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send font descriptors to WR instead of raw fonts where possible

Review of attachment 8924960 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: gfx/layers/wr/WebRenderBridgeChild.cpp
@@ +339,5 @@
>    wr::FontKey fontKey = { wr::IdNamespace { 0 }, 0};
>    if (!mFontKeys.Get(aUnscaled, &fontKey)) {
>      wr::IpcResourceUpdateQueue resources(GetShmemAllocator());
>      FontFileDataSink sink = { &fontKey, this, &resources };
> +    if (!aUnscaled->GetWRFontDescriptor(WriteFontDescriptor, &sink) &&

It might be worth adding a comment about how we try to get a descriptor first otherwise we get the data. I had too think too long about how this would work.
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support WR font descriptors with DWrite

Review of attachment 8924964 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: gfx/2d/UnscaledFontDWrite.h
@@ +48,3 @@
>  private:
>    RefPtr<IDWriteFontFace> mFontFace;
> +  RefPtr<IDWriteFont> mFont;

Maybe add a comment that we only have an mFont when it's a system font.

::: gfx/webrender_bindings/src/
@@ +992,5 @@
> +) -> NativeFontHandle {
> +    let wchars = bytes.convert_into_vec::<u16>();
> +    FontDescriptor {
> +        family_name: String::from_utf16(&wchars).unwrap(),
> +        weight: FontWeight::from_u32(index & 0xffff),

Passing all of these things in in index is sort of crazy. Can you add a comment about why it's necessary.
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send font descriptors to WR instead of raw fonts where possible. r=jrmuizel
support WR font descriptors with Fontconfig. r=jrmuizel
support WR font descriptors with DWrite. r=jrmuizel
support WR font descriptors on Mac. r=jrmuizel
support WR native font handles in blob image. r=jrmuizel
Depends on: 1435062
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