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[META] Tab hiding


(WebExtensions :: Frontend, enhancement)



(relnote-firefox -)

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(Reporter: andy+bugzilla, Unassigned)


(Depends on 5 open bugs, Blocks 2 open bugs)


(Keywords: feature, meta)

This is a meta bug for hiding tabs and hiding the tab strip and all related features.
Depends on: 1413965
Depends on: 1433202
Depends on: 1431725
Depends on: 613785
Depends on: 1436720
Depends on: 1435085
relnote-firefox: --- → ?
Shell, you set the relnote-firefox request flag, do you mean that you want this feature mentionned in Firefox Release notes (ex: or that you want it mentionned in the notes targetting web developers linked from the release notes on MDN (

If the former, you have instructions on the release notes process here:

If the later, then you should set the dev-doc-needed keyword on the bug and indicate which final release it should target.

Flags: needinfo?(sescalante)
This is targeting Fx61. We'll want to relnote this once it's officially deemed a go to ship (currently at risk in Trello).
Shell tells me that bug 1408053 is the one we want to relnote.
Summary: Tab hiding → [META] Tab hiding
Blocks: 1459029
Product: Toolkit → WebExtensions
Depends on: 1488149
Flags: needinfo?(sescalante)
Blocks: 1226546, 1232178
Blocks: 1357214
Blocks: 1333837
Depends on: 1465811
See Also: → 1509350
Severity: normal → S3
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