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[CSD] With compact UI density few fixels above the tabs are shown (depending on Gtk theme)


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The checkbox in the customization mode now only increases/decreases the extra drag space, but does not remove it completely when unchecked - there are still few pixels left above the tabs - both in maximized and minimized state. I think the extra space, which is always there, may also be the cause of bug 1439834.
Noticed today this actually affects only the compact UI density. Normal and touch are OK.
Summary: [CSD] Still few fixels above the tabs are shown → [CSD] With compact UI density few fixels above the tabs are shown
Does the latest nighly fix that for you when Bug 1439834 landed?
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Not completely. Seems it got better since I have reported (and I actually do not noticed that too much when using dark theme), but it's pretty visible with light themes. Here is a screenshot where you can see some extra pixels above the tabs in the compact density (on the left) compared to the default (right).
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Tested in Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:61.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/61.0 ID:20180314102135.
I can confirm this bug for Fedora 27 and Firefox 60 beta 6.

Highly annoying.

Switching to the "Normal" density fixes it.
See Also: → 1459400
Depends on: 1461093
I cannot reproduce anymore after bug 1461093 has been fixed, so baing the reporter I am closing as a duplicate. Feel free to reopen if you still observe a problem.
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
I'm on Mint 18.3 KDE, Firefox Build ID 	20180516100125, and this space is now reduced to 1px, but still here.
Resolution: DUPLICATE → ---
Summary: [CSD] With compact UI density few fixels above the tabs are shown → [CSD] With compact UI density few fixels above the tabs are shown (depending on Gtk theme)
See Also: → 1458332

Can you please check latest nightly if you still see that? Thanks!

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I haven't seen the issue since my comment #7 on my Fedora with GNOME.

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Nightly Build ID 20190110093854

In maximized window switching "Drag Space" changes only the height of the colored strip on top of the active tab. Drag space above tabs is always 3 px.

In "windowed" mode drag space above tabs toggles between ~4 and ~9 pixels.

Manjaro KDE.

With a new profile and a hidden title bar (no any other modifications) Firefox Nightly 20190110 still shows extra 2-3 pixels on top and to the right of window buttons (minimize, restore/maximize, close).

This is quite annoying and also absolutely the same as in Firefox 64 - you cannot blindly move the mouse to the top right corner and close Firefox which works for all other applications here.

I'm running Fedora 29 + XFCE + Greybird application theme + Daloa XFWM theme.

I can't say there's any extra space above tabs at any density - see the screenshot.

I'm more concerned about the extra space around the window buttons - see my previous bug report which was merged with this one for some reasons.

Nightly 2019-01-10
Manjaro KDE
Breath (modified Breeze) Qt/GTK theme

As you can see from this screenshot, the pixels above the tabs are still there on the compact density for at least this theme. Where you see my mouse at should be highlighting the inactive tab, but instead it's technically over drag space. If I double-click, it unmaximizes the window.

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Version: 60 Branch → unspecified
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