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Command+, (Command + Comma) Keyboard shortcut for changing font size in composition hijacks MAC default shortcut for app preferences


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(Keywords: ux-consistency, ux-error-prevention)

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #738194 +++

Bug #738194 implemented Command+, (Command+Comma) keyboard shortcut as an alternative for Command+< Keyboard shortcut which is Command+Shift+, on a default QWERTY keyboard, so that it works with and without Shift.

Unfortunately, Command+, happens to be the MAC OS default shortcut for app preferences, so we shouldn't break that.

(In reply to from comment #60)
> (In reply to Thomas D. (currently busy elsewhere) from comment #59)
> > Pls verify especially on MAC OS and Linux if all shortcuts work as documented
> ⌘, is supposed to be Preferences on Mac OS, but this broke it (although as
> mentioned in comment #49, SeaMonkey escaped).

Proposed fix:

I guess that - only for MAC OS! - we should just remove Command+, shortcut.
For purposes of illustration, here's the MAC QUERTY keyboard:*hGEEitUgxU4nQxtX8q1rsA.jpeg
ux-error-prevention: MAC users who rightly expect |Command+,| to trigger TB preferences should not end up with a changed font size.
And here's an official link to MAC keyboard shortcuts
Severity: minor → S4
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