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Change presentation of show_bug.cgi urls to be /bug/ID or /bug/ALIAS.


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This bug changes the history.replaceState() code, and URL rewriting to allow /bug/ALIAS_OR_ID
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I want to do this, but I think we should sit on it for a little bit. Reve
We should add a default value for the vagrant vm/docker for the localconfig_canonical_url. Without it that silently fails and the url is empty in the places it is needed.
Also i personally think we shouldn't change the displayed url unless we also change the way all the links are outputted. Just my 2 cents
Bug 1497070 shows `<base href>` is problematic. Better to mass-convert links to absolute path.
See Also: → 1497070
Depends on: 1497077
Duplicate of this bug: 1479535
WIP including `show_bug.cgi?id=` => `bug/` conversion:
BTW I didn’t include /bug/ALIAS in the WIP because

1) alias can include any characters unlike general slugs (range of `\w` regex), may not be suitable for URL
2) alias can be multiple: Bug 1012506 shipped with Bugzilla 5 has to be backported to Bugzilla 6/Quantum
Depends on: 1503483

All the links and redirects are now using an absolute path, so we can do this. Will update my WIP branch and send a PR. Speaking of /bug/alias, we’ll only accept slug-ish [\w\-]+ aliases as discussed on IRC. No multiple alias support.

Assignee: dylan → kohei.yoshino

I’d like to see this in Bugzilla 6.0 but not sure if we have time. Note that the path has to be customizable like the term “Bug”. It can be /bug/[ID] by default, but some installations may want to use /issue/[ID] or /ticket/[ID].

Blocks: bugzilla-6

Is there a way that I will be able to convert all the thousands of bugzilla bug URL's in my history/places.sqlite to the new URL format, so that, I will still be able to tell which bug I have visited in the past

Flags: needinfo?(kohei.yoshino)

I don’t know. It’s off-topic here.

Flags: needinfo?(kohei.yoshino)
Assignee: kohei.yoshino → nobody
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