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As part of removing feed and live bookmark support, we should remove about:feeds and the "Subscribe..." UI that opens it.
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Can't this be changed into something like json viewer instead? I usually use feed preview to validate my rss/atom feeds.
But you can't view what's inside with that. Validate here I mean includes viewing how the content looks like.
I don't know about others but firefox preview is essential to me for writing rss/atom feeds. I don't know even know other apps for previewing apart of internet explorer. Additionally, having it built into firefox means I get benefit of history and cookies.

Also unlike json, feeds are sometimes html which means it can't be viewed properly through console and anything that can view this means it's got html renderer in it... which browser conveniently already has.

I sometimes use it to preview feeds before actually subscribing to but the development side usage is more important to me.

If you've got other recommendation, I'm all ears though this means one extra hurdle for developers looking to write rss/atom feeds.
How the content looks like is highly dependent on the feed reader, so I'm not sure there's a globally good tool for that. Any feed reader may be good as far as I can tell, so I'd just look around for some stats about the most widely used ones, and check your feeds with those. In the end it's the same as "is my website displayed correctly?" and unfortunately there's not yet much way out than testing it with the most common browsers.
Pretty sure most web based feed readers can't read my internal development feeds though :)

Some don't even have preview feature (like tt-rss) or maybe even permanently cache feeds so I can't just update the code and refresh with those.
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remove feed preview code and associated files/code, r=flod,mak,nika
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See Also: 1524719
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