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Ship the GoFaster addon 2.0.1 to Desktop


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Version 2.0.1 includes only minor code changes compared to what we currently have landed. All the changes included are there to support Fennec.

However, with 2.0.1, there are actual site patches included, so those have to be tested individually.
Adding actual site patches as dependencies for easier cross-reference.
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Attached file Unsigned XPI, rev. 1
Attached is an unsigned XPI of the current sources for WebCompat GoFaster v2.0.1 for testing.
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Bug 1481395 - Import WebCompat GoFaster v2.0.1 to Desktop. r=kmag

Kris Maglione [:kmag] has approved the revision.
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Attachment #8998132 - Attachment description: Bug 1481395 - Import WebCompat GoFaster v2.0.1 to Desktop → Bug 1481395 - Import WebCompat GoFaster v2.0.1 to Desktop. r=kmag
After chatting with QA people, I decided to land this without explicit QA approval. I had a chat with them, and they usually test features already landed in Nightly. We already have large parts of the code landed in Desktop anyway, so this shouldn't cause any surprises, and QA will have a much easier time testing this.

Leaving this bug open after landing until we have a green result from QA, just so this stays on our table. :)
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Import WebCompat GoFaster v2.0.1 to Desktop. r=kmag
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This has been merged three months ago, there are no blocking regressions. QA was fine, but I forgot to close this issue. Let's do so now!
Closed: 11 months ago
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