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Port changes from bug 1458314 to Thunderbird


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Bug 1458314 changes the update directory on Windows.
Attached patch 1501792-installer-location.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Robert, many thanks to file the bug. Please could you check this is correct and we need no other changes?

This is a direct port of
Assignee: nobody → richard.marti
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Robert, while you're here, could you please cast an eye onto bug 1501940. Something wrong with this test:
Checking. I *think* the directory under ProgramData is different due to Thunderbird not defining vendor or something similar and will comment later today.
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In bug 1501940 comment #1 I did a try with this patch:

It doesn't fix the test failure which we understand better now, see bug 1501940 comment #4.

That said, looking at the log file
we can see the path used:
so I don't think the patch is correct. If anything, we should create a "Thunderbird" directory, since that's where updates are placed, for example:
That's a live example from updating TB 52.8 to TB 52.9.1.
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Attached patch 1501792-installer-location.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
I'll try "Thunderbird" as directory instead of "Mozilla".
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Thunderbird is correct but the test is failing for a different reason than the installer change.
OK, I'll take a patch with "Thunderbird".
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OK, thanks.
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I'm investigating the test failure and I think I will need to put the Thunderbird update directory under Mozilla since other fixes could be exploited. Removing checkin-needed
checkin-needed removed.
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I have a fix for the test failure and should have it fixed by no later than Monday.
Thank you very much Robert. Please let's discuss the test failure in bug 1501940. So are you saying that something like
isn't needed for C:\ProgramData\Thunderbird?
Correct, it isn't needed for C:\ProgramData\Thunderbird. We are going to go with C:\ProgramData\Mozilla since the complexity of doing C:\ProgramData\Thunderbird would make it easy to exploit without there being a way to mitigate the exploit.
Okay, like this?
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1501792-installer-location.patch v3

That is correct but I haven't had a chance to go through the patches in bug 1458314 to verify that there aren't more changes needed.
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1501792-installer-location.patch v3

Thanks, rs=jorgk, pending comment #16. It's really hard for me to review since I know nothing about this, see my incorrect comment #7 as a proof :-(

Maybe in the future we can r? the M-C expert directly as I frequently do when porting M-C changes in DOM, Netwerk, etc.
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Robert, after landing of bug 1502681 which fixed our test failures, is still something needed or should this bug be okay to land?
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I scanned the changes today and the patch should suffice for the changes in bug 1458314
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Port bug 1458314 to TB: Move the update directory to an installation specific location. rs=jorgk f=rstrong
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