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New Email Alert Taskbar Icon constantly giving a false positive.


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Steps to reproduce:

New Mail Alert enabled. Folders currently set to UNIFIED, but this problem still occurs when set to ALL as well.

Actual results:

For whatever reason, my 1st email becomes highlighted, triggered the NEW EMAIL icon to appear in the taskbar. There is however no new email at all in the actual inbox. I have to click on one of the subfolders to remove the highlight. For some reason this problem doesn't effect my 2nd email account.

It's very annoying have to click on the subfolder in order to clear the alert.
(also I just noticed that I'm still using an older version of thunderbird, I'll be updating to see if this problem was fixed by then, kinda doubt it.)

Expected results:

I expect not to receive any alerts at all unless I actually do receive a new email. The inbox should be the ones highlighted. Not the one that has a lock icon.

Not sure if this is the same problem, I have a simple setup with 3 IMAP accounts and local folders, and I also see the taskber notification icon for new emails even when there are no new emails.

Double clicking on the taskbar icon just restores the TB window to the first IMAP account inbox folder and highlights the first message, which was previously read.

I have seen this occasionally on my IMAP accounts that don't have filters and when I click on the Inbox it changes from the blue to black color. Sometimes I see it when a filter is moving something around.

I can confirm this as it happens randomly on 60.7.2 and 68.

A way to occasionally reproduce this is to have an IMAP account, then open a newly received message from another device, like a phone or the web interface of the email provider.

Going back to Thunderbird will refresh the tree view with the messages to mark it as read, but the blue highlighted email address in the folder pane remains set until you click on it.

I'm on elementary OS so I don't have docks indicators or other visible persistent notifications like on Windows.

See Also: → 1544210

Perhaps even a duplicate of bug 303421. But that bug is quite old and perhaps no one there is active.


This seems fixed in the 68/69 betas I've tested.

This is great Arthur K, very great.
Too bad version 69 is incompatible with any "Close to Tray" add-ons...

Guess we goin' have to wait another 7 months for that to be fixed.

Hi, the version 61.1.2 still be affected.
I upgraded in this days because i found this bug related to mine that has been marked as duplicate.

In the first time i was thinked the issue has been resolved but is not, can be maybe better but not yet fixed
As you can see in the screen my cursor was on inbox no email to read because readed from browser and still have the notification also the email address is showed in blue

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The issue is not solved in version 68

Sorry, version of Thunderbird in the screen affected is not 61 but 68.1.2

This bug seems to be old and i don't think if has not been resolved in the new icon notifier and Thunderbird version will be resolved soon.
I use emails and Thunderbird every day and every day i continue to experiment this issue... is really stressful let me want leave Thunderbird and use another client email but i don't want really this.

I have to read emails two time, from the browser than from the client email because also if i use IMAP the client email still flag unread emails to read also if there isn't.

Unfortunately i cannot use only Thunderbird or only browser also if i cannot explain here why.

Due to this bug today i decided to leave Thunderbird.
Will now use Mailbird.

This is a very stressful issue. OK Thunderbird is free but hope in the future this can solved.

Do you also see this issue when using versoin 68?

Whiteboard: [closeme 2020-01-04

Yes. Now i use a different email client. Leaved Thunderbird

Whiteboard: [closeme 2020-01-04 → [dupme?]

Just my guess, but none of those screen shots show an all mail folder. The notification IMO is telling you the account has new mail, that you are not subscribed to the relevant folder being somewhat irrelevant. I suggest you try with the folder view set to ALL and the folders option in Account settings > server settings > advance to display only subscribed folders turned off.

Can anyone reproduce on a non Gmail account?
Is this related to the use of "allow immediate notifications when new messages arrive" (IMAP IDLE command). Google appears to be one of the few major free players that support it.

Blocks: 1544210
See Also: 1544210
Duplicate of this bug: 1544210
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