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[tracking] Session managers - data storage, IndexedDB


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(Depends on 4 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


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The aim of this meta-bug is to group all bugs related to development of data storage and IndexedDB related to Session Manager APIs.

Here, it can be also the place to discuss what is the best way to support these bugs.

These dependent bugs are the most important: Bug 944918, Bug 1423917

Depends on: 1482662

The unknown error is a general error when there is no better error code to define the failure.

So far, issues like:

  • The errors that cause initialization failure
    For instance:
    • Unexpected files in the profile and thus cause initialization failures
    • Long filename issues on Windows

They are tracked in Bug 1482662, and Bug 1619893 for the errors during temporary storage initialization specifically.
The long filename issues should be fixed starting from Nightly 77.
Hopefully, we should get away from unknown files once we fixed bug 1621916, bug 1621920, and bug 1594075.

Note that another future plan is QuotaManager version 4 (bug 1593365). Hopefully, that would help us to avoid any corrupted storage in an origin to block all QuotaManager service.

  • Error in structure cloned and thus cause entries in the sqlite database mismatching

We have made a refactoring for the indexedDB code that related to structure clone recently in Bug 1617170. We will see if the problem will still exist or not.

(In reply to gwarser from comment #88)
Sorry for the late reply, but do the problem still exist? If so, I will file another bug for that, and let's figure the problem out there.

I'm going to close this bug because this bug is a bit general. There are too many different issues inside this ticket. If I don't miss something, I think all issues here are tracked except the one in comment #88.

Please let me know if there is an issue in this bug and it is not tracked by another existing ticket. And we should focus on the cause of the issue on another ticket.

Depends on: 1619893
Depends on: 1617170
Severity: normal → S3
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