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Investigate thread wake-ups


(Core :: XPCOM, task, P2)





(Reporter: smaug, Assigned: smaug)


(Depends on 2 open bugs)


Thread wake-ups may reveal issues in scheduling, especially timer related scheduling.
So, would be be good to have some analysis on how much and when Gecko does wake-ups.
What kind of analysis is still TBD.

Somebody was looking at this recently and Firefox was doing ~3x more wakeups than Edge. I agree this would be good to look at in some more detail.

Type: defect → task
Priority: -- → P2

FWIW, I'm looking into some of this. And we've already fixed some timer cases related to GC handling.

Assignee: nobody → bugs
Depends on: 1543961
Depends on: 1542314
Depends on: 1548146
Depends on: 1548355
Depends on: 1548358
Depends on: 1548540
Depends on: 1468096
Depends on: 1551203
Depends on: 1554292
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