Open Bug 1584728 (SM-killrdf) Opened 2 years ago Updated 7 months ago

[meta] Remove rdf usage from SeaMonkey


(SeaMonkey :: General, task)

Not set


(seamonkey2.57esr+ affected)

Tracking Status
seamonkey2.57esr + affected


(Reporter: frg, Unassigned)


(Depends on 3 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: leave-open, meta)


(1 file)

This bugs tracks rdf removal in SeaMonkey.

Patch from Bill to allow building c-c SeaMonkey

Attachment #9097129 - Flags: review+
Pushed by
Fix suite bustage from removal of the RDF service. r=frg
Depends on: 1589850, 1589851, 657604, 1429946
Keywords: meta
OS: Unspecified → All
Hardware: Unspecified → All
Summary: Remove rdf usage from SeaMonkey → [meta] Remove rdf usage from SeaMonkey
Depends on: 507601
Depends on: 510793
Depends on: 1589892
Depends on: 1426098
Depends on: 1425363
No longer depends on: 1425363
Duplicate of this bug: 1425963
Alias: SM-killrdf
Depends on: 1688499
Depends on: 1688501
Depends on: 1691208

Does this patch need an update, or is it ready for approval?

(In reply to Worcester12345 from comment #4)

Does this patch need an update, or is it ready for approval?

It landed on c-c but there are many pieces to this puzzle.

Should there be a "bigger bug" then, to track them all? Otherwise, things like this tend to languish.

We don't have a problem with tracking. Just not enough people around actually submitting patches / fixes. Bug 1433370 tracks the overall 2.57 release.

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