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Here we go again...
Keywords: meta, xhtml
This is a long ways off...
Assignee: harishd → heikki
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: Parser → XML
QA Contact: moied → petersen
Target Milestone: --- → Future
Adding dependency on XForms
Depends on: xforms
alias for faster searching
Alias: xhtml2
Hardware: PC → All
adding dependency on XML Events
Depends on: XMLEvents
Sjoerd Visscher ( ) has a XBL based prototype of parts of
the XHTML 2.0 Draft at

I don't see any information regarding which license the code is under, but it
would not hurt to contact him and check it out -- I will let you guys know what
You can use my XBL files if you want. But I'm pretty sure it's not the way to
implement xhtml 2.0 in Mozilla. It's too slow to convert each node to it's xhtml
1 .1 equivalent with javascript. An XSL conversion is much faster ( ) and it is more flexible than XBL.
I'd be extremely happy if Composer only wrote XHTML2.  It seems like it would be
easier than HTML4 on front and back end.
re #6, I looked at at both the xslt and the xbl implementation.

First of all, let's rule out xslt. It's very unlikely fast, for one. But more
importantly, it changes the displayed document, which makes it impossible
to use js on the original document.

About the performance drag for the xbl version, the attribute foo is probably
really simple and doens't require js, as long as it isn't requiring any
translation of the values. talks attribute 
calls it forwarding, of course ;-)
Adding something like Attribute Value Templates (see to XBL sounds like
a bad idea on a second thought, as more complex algorithms in the evaluation
cause trouble to keep stuff synched in dxhtml2. (Yeah, fancy acronym.)
I don't know if this is required by a xhtml2 implementation, though.

Stuff like the object tag, unifying two html tags is probably a bit more

Sjoerd, maybe you could add a relicensed version of the mozilla part of your
stuff to this bug?
QA Contact: petersen → ian
Depends on: xframes
*** Bug 186985 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
I modify the html.css. I add XHTML 2.0 selectors.
From the xhtml 2 spec of the quote element:
"Visual user agents must not add delimiting quotation marks"

So you should remove this part:

quote:before {
  content: open-quote;

quote:after {
  content: close-quote;
I remove content from quote.
That patch uses the wrong namespace for XHTML2.

In any case we must not implement this until XHTML2 is in CR.
Namespace in patch is form 3.1.1. Strictly Conforming Documents - What's wrong with it?
Mozilla should see the most popular formats like: mpeg, avi, mov (video), mp3,
wav, midi, aiff (sound) not only amimation like gif or mng and images like jpeg,
gif or png. Because in XHTML 2.0 there are not <img>, there are <object>. So
XHTML support not only images (or animations) but also video and sound.
adding [meta] and setting component to Tracking
Component: XML → Tracking
Summary: XHTML 2.0 tracking → [meta] XHTML 2.0 tracking
Depends on: 175107
Summary: [meta] XHTML 2.0 tracking → XHTML 2.0 tracking
No longer depends on: xframes
Why was bug 162479 removed from the dependancies?
Blocks: xframes
Because XFrames has nothing to do with XHTML 2.0. It is a standalone XML
language (some published articles get this wrong).
No longer blocks: xframes
Depends on: ruby
Depends on: 275196
No longer depends on: 275196
Almost a year after the previous update, the 7th draft was published in May 2005:

Diff-marked version compared to 20040722 here:
Depends on: 325208
Guess this is a WONTFIX now then?
yeah the w3 will be stopping it. I'm not too fond of this xhtml 5 business though :(
> I'm not too fond of this xhtml 5 business
though :(

I'm sure you mean HTML 5. It seems you really got attached to XHTML ;-)
No longer depends on: ruby
XHTML2 is not going to happen.
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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