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When desktop zooming using touchscreen, links get clicked while zooming.


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  • Have apz.allow-zoom set to true.
  • Open
  • zoom in by pinch zooming on the touchscreen in the area of a video preview.

Notice how the link gets clicked causing you to be navigated away from the page you're zooming in on.


  • Page gets zoomed in without navigating to link.

I assume this is on Windows.

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Kris, would you be able to re-test this with the latest nightly (which includes bug 1556556)?

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Still happening, easiest to reproduce ones are the ones next to the navigation sidebar, but other tiles show it as well.
This also happens (but less frequently) when panning the zoomed in page with touch input.

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I can investigate.

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I'm not convinced this is a desktop zooming or even a Firefox bug. On mobile (both Fenix and Fennec) if I load in desktop mode, and then pinch zoom in/pan around, I frequently get redirected to the video page as though I clicked on the video. Same happens in Chrome on Android. I didn't see it in Chrome on Windows but Chrome on Windows IIRC doesn't dispatch touch events to content. There's definitely a touchstart listener on parts of the page whose code is obfuscated, it's quite likely that it's mishandling events.

(In reply to Kartikaya Gupta ( from comment #6)

I didn't see it in Chrome on Windows but Chrome on Windows IIRC doesn't dispatch touch events to content.

Actually that's not true. Chrome on Windows does dispatch touch events, and I do see the problem there too now.

I tried digging into the JS a bit to try and isolate the touch event listener code that was problematic, but gave up since it's not particularly easy and didn't seem worth the effort. Instead I filed a bug against Chromium: since it reproduces there, and maybe they will get to the bottom of it. At least they will be able to get the unobfuscated youtube code.

Taking this off the nightly blocker list and unassigning since there's not much to do here.

Assignee: kats → nobody
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