Open Bug 1245183 (desktop-zoom) Opened 5 years ago Updated 2 months ago

[meta] APZ zoom support on desktop platforms


(Core :: Panning and Zooming, enhancement, P3)





(Reporter: kats, Unassigned)


(Depends on 17 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta, Whiteboard: [gfx-noted])

General meta bug to track a bunch of zoom-related bugs that have been floating around for a while.
Alias: desktop-zoom
Keywords: meta
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]
Depends on: 1256365
Duplicate of this bug: 1276695
We'll probably want to fix bug 656036 before fixing this.
Depends on: 656036
Depends on: 1458063
Depends on: 1458711
Depends on: 1459260
Depends on: 1459312
I moved a lot of the dependencies of this bug over to hang off of bug 1461360.
And moved bug 1458711 to hang off of bug 688990.
No longer depends on: 1458711
Depends on: 1581776
Depends on: 1594071
Depends on: 1525259, 1555468
Depends on: 1581126
Depends on: 1623473
Depends on: 1640347
Depends on: 1641279
Depends on: 1648425
Depends on: 1648427
Depends on: 1648479
Depends on: 1648489
Depends on: 1648491
Depends on: 1650596
No longer depends on: 1648491
Depends on: 1653576
No longer depends on: 1653576
Depends on: 1654011
Depends on: 1656612
Depends on: 1656802
Depends on: 1656805
No longer depends on: 1637681
No longer depends on: 1654011
Type: defect → enhancement

would be neat if ctrl+0 reset the zoom

(In reply to Poopooracoocoo from comment #5)

would be neat if ctrl+0 reset the zoom

See bug 1660054 for some discussion of resetting the zoom.

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