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TB 78.0: Errors in error console immediately after startup of TB under Windows 10


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Windows 10


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I installed TB 78 (32-bit), Japanese locale version, a few days ago under Windows 10 (64-bit)

I noticed to my surprise that there are seriously looking errors reported in error console immediately after startup of the program (no interaction after the startup).

I looked in the error console since somehow I trashed my profile(?) and no predefined tags such as "To Do" were available.: my custom-defined tags such as "handled already", "checkin-needed", etc. were there. Strange.

Anyway I am attaching the screen capture of error console immediately after the startup of TB78 (32-bit) under Windows 10 pro (64-bit).

I will file separate bugs for the errors in the error console and have them block this entry.

All the errors except for the simpleton error are present in the safe mode startup as well.

Well, this is probably because the error of simpleton seems to be caused by async race and may not happen all the time.
So I will not deny the possibility this simpleton error happens in safe-mode even.

Depends on: 1634341
Depends on: 1653792

The simpleton error seems to be caused by asynchronous race.
Sometimes I see it, other times I don't. :-(

Depends on: 1653793
Blocks: tb78found

FYI, console errors appears as well in TB 80.0b1 (64-bits) with a blank profile set up.
See attached.

(keeping meta bug 1644037 focused on user facing issues)

No longer blocks: tb78found

Do you still see this issue?

I'm not seeing these in a current en-US version 102

Flags: needinfo?(ishikawa)

On my home PC (Windows 10 Pro), I am still on 91.11.0 (64-bit).

There I still get the error regarding the L10nRegistry immediately after the startup.
I think the errors in the green rectangle I marked are related to the currently disabled add-ons that are no longer available or something. (I had to re-install windows10 early this year, and I may have messed up the add-ons for TB, but I am not sure.)

I found a mention to the same error in
In that case, it was 78.10.2 (64-bit).

So it has been with TB for quite some time, I think.

I have no idea if the localization for me (Japanese locale) may have something to do with it.
But I have no idea what the locales used by others who reported the issues.

BTW, this is supposed to be fixed by

So once I get the 102.xx.yy version (JP locale) distributed automatically on my Windows, then I can confirm the bug status.

Flags: needinfo?(ishikawa)
Flags: needinfo?(ishikawa)
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