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Message Pane loses scrollbar when width of pane is reduced


(Thunderbird :: Message Reader UI, defect)



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(Reporter: anjeyelf, Unassigned)


View > Layout > Wide/Classic/Vertical
If you reduce width of Message Pane to the point where the Message Pane buttons 'Reply, Forward, Archive,Junk, Delete, More' start to occupy full width, then as you further reduce the width, the vertical scrollbar will disappear completely and Buttons and Header and text/Body content of message becomes truncated.
If there is also a horizontal scrollbar, this will function in part to reveal some hidden text, but the right end of the horizontal scrollbar is also missing. Using the horizontal scrollbar does not reveal the vertical scrollbar.

So if all the Message Header buttons display then there is no issue, but if you reduce width so those buttons cannot be fully seen then the problem occurs.

User on forum has this issue using Linux Debian 10
I see issue using Windows 10 OS

OS: Unspecified → All
Hardware: Unspecified → Desktop

Bug 1670862 (but there's a dupe of that somewhere)

Hi Magnus.
bug 1670862 - that person posted in the Support Forum and I tested it out and posted this bug.
This is another good example of why 'Customise' bug 1556261 needs to be reinstated.
Removing customise options from Thunderbird and then creating addons to replace part of that functionality seems illogical and the wrong direction.
The less addons that people need means Thunderbird is improving and becoming a far better product.
Come on Magnus :) I know it's not something you were really wanting to pursue, but please relook at this in the light of all the problems being caused, as it will resolve many issues that people in Support Forums are complaining about.

Another user on forum asked for Support as they had an issue with email body content just being chopped off on the right side and no means of accessing it.
Somehow, the width of that Message Pane header toolbar adversely effects what is displayed in the content area of Message Pane.
If all buttons are not in clear view, then body of email content visibility is compromised.
Should the width of that toolbar be effecting the body display?
It also effects the scrollbars. The vertical disappears and horizontal also stops short.

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