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New wpt failures in /css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/ [abspos-004.html, abspos-008.html, abspos-014.html, and 9 others]


(Core :: Layout, defect)






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(Blocks 3 open bugs)


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Syncing wpt PR 26174 found new untriaged test failures in CI

Tests Affected

Firefox-only failures

/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/replaced-element-003.html: FAIL
body height should match documentElement due to min-height: auto: FAIL

New Tests That Don't Pass

/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/abspos-004.html: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/abspos-008.html: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/abspos-014.html: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/block-aspect-ratio-020.html: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/block-aspect-ratio-021.html: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/block-aspect-ratio-023.html: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/block-aspect-ratio-025.html: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/block-aspect-ratio-026.html: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/block-aspect-ratio-027.html: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)
/css/css-sizing/aspect-ratio/intrinsic-size-004.html: FAIL (Chrome: PASS, Safari: FAIL)

CI Results

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Blocks: aspect-ratio
Severity: -- → S3

abspos-004.html is fixed by bug 1651776.

Severity: S3 → S4

Still have to fix intrinsic-size-004.html and abspos-014.html.

abspos-014.html depends on contain-intrinsic-size, which should be fixed in Bug 1597529.
intrinsic-size-004.html depends on Bug 1646100.

Depends on: 1646100, 1597529

And need to check quirks-mode-003.html.

abspos-014.html fixed by bug 1781097.

Only quirks-mode-003.html remains unfixed.

Depends on: 1781097
No longer depends on: 1597529 link for that one remaining failing test:

That one is interop2023-relevant, in the aspect-ratio category under "Previous Focus Areas" at

I'm not entirely sure the test is testing what it intends to test, though... Despite the aspect-ratio: 1/1 and specified width, Chrome's devtools show document.body and document.documentElement as having a width and height that match the dimensions of my viewport (which are not square and much larger than 100px).

So this doesn't seem to be testing anything aspect-ratio-related, and is in fact just testing whether document.documentElement is as large as the full viewport. In Firefox, it apparently is not.

I spun off bug 1819490 for quirks-mode-003.html, since it's got some subtlety RE the quirk and deserves its own bug.

Let's close this bug as fixed-aside-from-that-one-followup.

Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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