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Don't show the bookmarks toolbar on the New Tab page if the toolbar will appear empty


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Bug 727668 will show the bookmarks toolbar when on the New Tab page, but if there are no bookmarks in the Bookmarks Toolbar folder (or customizing the Bookmarks Toolbar Items to a different toolbar) and there are no bookmarks in the Other Bookmarks folder (bug 1664053) and the user either has run Import, customized it away, or upgraded from a previous install and thus doesn't have the button (bug 1665442), then there will be nothing in the toolbar.

The result is making the navigation toolbar a few pixels taller due to internal margins/padding in the bookmarks toolbar. We just shouldn't show it in this case.

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Don't show the bookmarks toolbar on the new tab page if there are no contents. r=Gijs
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I have verified that this issue is no longer reproducible with the latest Firefox Nightly (84.0a1 Build ID - 20201029095639) installed, on Windows 10 x64, Ubuntu 18.04 x64, and Mac 10.15. Now I can confirm the "Bookmarks Toolbar" is not displayed if is empty and the "Only on New Tab" option is checked.


I'm on latest nightly 84.0a1 (2020-10-29) and I still see the bookmarks toolbar when empty (I manually deleted all entries through right-click delete on the bookmarks in there) and set to "Only on New Tab". I did however move the "Bookmark Toolbar Items" out via the mouse drag mechanism, maybe that did confuse something. But the empty bookmark toolbar space is definitely still taking up vertical space for me on any new tab, and it's somewhat visually annoying.

(In reply to Ellie from comment #5)

Can you go to about:config and share the value you have for browser.uiCustomization.state?

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Great, thank you. I see you have "managed-bookmarks" in there, and I was wondering if that was the case.

Component: New Tab Page → Toolbars and Customization
Depends on: 1674160

I've filed bug 1674160 and put it in our backlog to get fixed soon. Thanks!

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