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[META] Blackbird deliverables


(Core Graveyard :: Tracking, defect)

Not set


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: ktrina, Assigned: buckland)



(Keywords: meta)

This is the meta tracking bug for Blackbird deliverables. Please don't change
dependencies unless you are a core team member.
Meta bug -> moving to Tracking, adding 'meta' keyword.
Component: Browser-General → Tracking
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 166448
Alias: blackbird
Depends on: 161226
Depends on: 169020
Depends on: 168670
Depends on: 162785
Depends on: 166379
bug 161226, bug 162785 and bug 168670 are marked fixed, but they are only fixed 
on the trunk.
may I ask what Blackbird is, or is that secret?
Sorry Christian, no can do.  :o)
Depends on: 141641
Depends on: bm-group-tracker
Depends on: 163648
I know what it is. I hope I'm not killed because I know too much... ;-)
adding more dependencies for tracking, though some still need trunk verification
before we approve for the trunk.
Depends on: 146308, 146466
tracking wyciwyg caching bug for possible inclusion, will evaluate actual
approval after trunk verification
Depends on: 151478
Depends on: 167515
Depends on: 169081
Depends on: 173304
Depends on: 173267
Depends on: 144551
Depends on: 171220
Depends on: 173357
Depends on: 173399
Depends on: 149417
Depends on: 171274
Depends on: 174765
Depends on: 176624
No longer depends on: 176624
Depends on: 168316
Depends on: 161357
Blocks: 167775
Depends on: 129034
Depends on: 178546
Depends on: 91043
No longer depends on: bm-group-tracker
No longer depends on: 178546
No longer depends on: 173304
No longer depends on: 173267
Resolving this bug as fixed as all blocking bugs are closed and product has

Bugs which previously blocked this bug, but may not be fixed on the trunk were
decoupled from this bug as long as they were marked fixed 1.0.2.
Closed: 22 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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