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Add-On option page expands with height:100% and page zoom


(Toolkit :: Add-ons Manager, defect, P3)

Firefox 83



Tracking Status
firefox83 --- affected
firefox84 --- affected
firefox85 --- affected


(Reporter: dalepsmith, Assigned: mstriemer)




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Steps to reproduce:

In my add-on options page, attempting to match the surrounding colors, I set the body min-height to 100% and the html height to 100%


This is similar to

Actual results:

On 84.0b8 (64-bit) developer, it worked great! The options page matches the surroundings.

On 83.0 (64-bit) non-developer (what's it called?) the page grows and grows.
Setting a control causes it to grow and grow again.

This may be similar to

Expected results:

It should be the normal size.

I installed v0.1 and the full repo of the add-on from and wasn't able to reproduce this on 81, 83 or 85.

Are there any more steps required here? This does sound similar to bug 1610227 (where the bug you linked was fixed), but that has been in Firefox since version 74. So I would expect this to work as expected on anything newer than that.

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Component: Frontend → Add-ons Manager
Product: WebExtensions → Toolkit

Thanks for looking into this!

Linux specific perhaps? It doesn't happen on Windows 83.0, but it does for me on Linux 83.0.
Both installed from AMO.
I'm on Debian Buster. updated as of today.

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So with the add-on installed, on the about:addons page, select 'preferences' for mdns-discover.
The "Permissions" and "Details" tabs work nicely.
The "Preferences" tab grows. The scrollbar on the right gets smaller and smaller as the page gets longer.
Clicking anywhere within the tab area causes it to re-happen.

Selecting the Service Type shows the available options somewhat removed.

It's not possible to select the enable notifications checkbox.

Do you have the page zoomed? I can reproduce on Windows with that. When I hit ctrl++ to zoom the page the options pane starts growing quickly. The select box is also off in that case as well.

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No, it's not zoomed. But I will try tomorrow to Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to see if it changes.

Note that without the html and body styling, it works perfectly. The colors are off, but it no longer grows.

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My 84.0b8 Developer does do the grow/shrink thing on Ctrl+ and Ctrl- !


Hah! I DID have zooming on, to 110%.

Thanks for the info!

Summary: Add-On option page grows and grows → Add-On option page expands with height:100% and page zoom
See Also: → 1398481


I’ve managed to reproduce the issue on the latest Nightly (85.0a1/20201213213752), Beta (84.0/20201211215739) and Release (83.0/20201112153044) under Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I loaded the provided extension as a temporary add-on via about:debugging and then switched to the “Options/Preferences” tab form the detailed view of the add-on. Zooming in/out using Ctrl+ / Ctrl – does indeed cause the options page to expand/shrink. Returning to 100% zoom stops the growing/shrinking.

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