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Increase minimum required macOS SDK version to the macOS 11 SDK


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Once we build all macOS variants of Firefox with the macOS 11 SDK in CI (bug 1696504), and once we've given developers enough of a heads-up to update their macOS version or obtain the macOS 11 SDK, we should increase our minimum required SDK version to the macOS 11 SDK.

We will no longer have coverage of older SDKs in CI, so it would be easy to accidentally introduce breakage for developers who build with older SDKs.

Increasing the minimum required SDK will unlock the following improvements for Firefox macOS development:

  • We will not need to worry about breaking SDKs that we don't have CI coverage for.
  • Taking advantage of modern macOS APIs will be much easier. See Using new APIs with old SDKs for a list of workarounds that we currently have to employ. These workarounds can be a serious impediment to getting things done - see bug 1671626 comment 8 for an example where we had trouble using the MediaPlayer framework before we were building with the 10.12 SDK.
  • We can remove the existing workarounds, i.e. any code that's only needed for old SDKs..
  • The compiler will catch any missing runtime version checks of the form if (@available(macOS 10.14, *)) { when accessing modern APIs, because the header definitions from the modern SDKs are annotated with the correct API_AVAILABLE attributes. (This would have caught bug 1602813, for example.)
Whiteboard: [mac:developer]
Priority: -- → P3
Blocks: 1727624

We should remember to update the SDK section of the macOS docs when we make this change.

No longer blocks: 1727624
No longer blocks: 1702039
See Also: → 1702039
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