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Support Cache API in Private Browsing mode (with encrypted disk storage)


(Core :: Storage: Cache API, enhancement, P3)






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In bug 1639542 and related bugs we've been working on supporting IndexedDB in private browsing mode through the use of encrypted backing storage and enhancing QuotaManager to support storing the data in directories that don't include the origin. Origin storage would either be through use of a null principal (short term) or QM v4 which will store storage bottles or data in bottles (ex: IDB databases) in their own UUID-labeled directories.

We previously had bug 1117808 which discussed a variety of solutions, including which suggested indicating a quota size of 0 bytes. Based on current experience, even large sites that should be quota-aware are not, so that doesn't seem workable for sites that actually want to use the storage.

Depends on: 1835154
Depends on: 1835296
Depends on: 1835297
Depends on: 1835298
Depends on: 1835300
Depends on: 1835904
Depends on: 1838259
Blocks: 1836916
Depends on: 1855940
Depends on: 1856953
Depends on: 1857066
Depends on: 1858696
No longer depends on: 1858696
Depends on: 1864684

Once bug 1639542 is closed, we can close also this, I assume?

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All the gating bugs for this meta bug has been closed already. Hence, closing this meta bug.

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