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Activity Manager Time Stamp for Failed Connection


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Expected results:

All of the activities in the Activity Manager have time stamps except "Failed to connect to server".

Since those activities all pile up at the top of the window, you can't even use the other activity time stamps to approximate when the failures occurred.

The Failed to connect to server activity needs a time stamp.

I can confirm the bug.

Duplicate of this bug: 1743278

Is this an easy fix?

Component: Untriaged → Mail Window Front End
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See Also: → 516523

Does anyone know why error messages in the Activities Window do not have a timestamp? All other messages in the Activities Window have a timestamp, but the important error messages do not. So you can't solve errors if there is not even a timestamp. Too bad.

This went broken by de-XBL in bug 1530300 and was fixed again in bug 1683865 comment #119, 2021-08-13 during TB 93:

Fix for TB 91:
Mostly a typo. This shows that the de-XBL changes weren't fully tested.

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