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Codebase to maintain the SourceTree causes massive hangs


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See the following profile:
This is easily reproducable when opening the MBT on the debugger against a long running firefox session with many tabs.

The slowdown comes from the SourceTree component.
Each time a new source is notified we reupdate/reprocess the whole again.
That appears to be an issue, especially in the MBT as we display lots of sources.

We should aim at computing the Source Tree data structure only once and update it in an efficient way. That while being careful to avoid as much unecessary updates made to the Redux state and the related React components.

Depends on: 1777205
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We are updating more things when selecting a thread than when opening the debugger.
Let's use a unique codepath when it comes to handle a new top level target.

Whiteboard: [reminder-test 2022-07-26]
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[devtools] Generate SourceTree data directly from the selectors. r=bomsy
[devtools] Migrate SourceTree to be based on source actors. r=bomsy
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Bug 1777203 - [devtools] Unify debugger initialization and thread selection.

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5 months ago, Nicolas Chevobbe [:nchevobbe] placed a reminder on the bug using the whiteboard tag [reminder-test 2022-07-26] .

ochameau, please refer to the original comment to better understand the reason for the reminder.

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Whiteboard: [reminder-test 2022-07-26]

No idea why there is a reminder on this bug???

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I don't either, "Nicolas from the past" should have put a comment when adding the whiteboard flag

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