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Vendor Rust tabs into desktop


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Application services wants to use the rust tabs engines in desktop. This will allow all three platforms (iOS, Android, and now Desktop) to use the same underlying rust storage & syncing for tabs.

Work has been done on the a-s side to prepare tabs for the ability to sync with the existing desktop ecosystem This bug will be mainly for tracking the Desktop/JS side.

Whiteboard: [fxsync-]

Depends on D157979

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mach vendor changes for tabs component r=teshaq,LougeniaBailey,supply-chain-reviewers
Add tabs as a uniffi component r=teshaq,LougeniaBailey,bdk
regenerate uniffi r=teshaq,LougeniaBailey,bdk
replace desktop tabs with the rust tabs engine r=teshaq,LougeniaBailey,markh,sfoster
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Regressions: 1798266
Regressions: 1798692

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Add documentation for using uniffi on desktop r=bdk DONTBUILD
Regressions: 1801059
Regressions: 1805809
Regressions: 1814537
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