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Update PDF.js to new version bf9236009521621891d73dd77acc68215cb2cadb from 2024-01-25 09:07:48


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, enhancement, P1)




124 Branch
Tracking Status
firefox124 --- fixed


(Reporter: calixte, Assigned: calixte)


(Blocks 3 open bugs, Regressed 1 open bug)



(1 file)

#17506 [Editor] Add the ability to make a free highlight (i.e. without having to select some text) (bug 1856218)
#17534 [Editor] Change the arrow direction when the dropdown is visible in the color picker (bug 1875357)
#17533 Make the caret visible in the text layer in caret browsing mode
#17531 [Editor] Add support for printing/saving free highlight annotations
#17537 Remove the isArrayBuffer helper function
#17544 Update packages and translations
#17546 Ignore auto-formatting patches in git blame
#17547 Remove DNS resolver workaround from the test framework
#17543 [Editor] Unselect highlights when the user click on the text layer (bug 1869767)
#17541 Use the original value of a field when propagating event (fixes #17540)
#17539 [Editor] Don't add the keyboard listener on the color-picker each time the dropdown menu is shown
#17548 Avoid to have focused tests in using eslint-plugin-jasmine
#17550 Use shorter arrow functions where possible
#17553 Add more async code when loading fonts in the PartialEvaluator
#17555 Don't ignore test.mjs child process exit codes in the Gulpfile
#17556 Ensure that EvaluatorPreprocessor.opMap has a null-prototype (issue 17554)
#17558 Print correctly documents containing chars with an unicode greater than 0xFFFF (bug 1669097)
#17562 Add more async code in the PartialEvaluator
#17563 Replace the webpack+acorn transform with a Babel plugin
#17564 [Editor] Update the parameters in the UI of the last selected editor when undoing/redoing
#17568 [Editor] Add the possibility to change the thickness of a free highlight (bug 1876096)
#17578 Fix unreferenced CSS variables (PR 17533 follow-up)
#17574 Reduce memory use and improve perfs when computing the bounding box of a bezier curve (bug 1875547)

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Update PDF.js to new version bf9236009521621891d73dd77acc68215cb2cadb r=pdfjs-reviewers,fluent-reviewers,marco,flod

I fixed the linting issue (newlines in the var(...)) and I filed a bug for it (see bug 1876547).

Closed: 5 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 124 Branch
Regressions: 1876547
Regressions: 1878258
No longer regressions: 1876547
See Also: → 1876547
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