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Thunderbird should act as an RSS/Atom newsreader, too


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I'm no expert (and I'm probably missing something vital :), but it seems that
Thunderbird could be fairly simply extended to read RSS newsfeeds too.

The "Add account" dialogue could have a third option, "Newsfeed account (RSS)"
perhaps. All RSS feeds could be automatically placed into a folder, "RSS feeds";
the user could, of course, make their own subfolders in order to categorise feeds.

The main display could work a lot like the current handling of newsgroups;
except Subject would be named Title; Sender, Author; and so on.

It'd be a hell of a nice new feature; possibly even unique?

Reproducible: Always

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Yes, I've been thinking about an RSS extension to thunderbird and what such an
extension should do recently as well.
Dupe of bug 171453?
Bug 171354 is for the browser; related, though.
can this bug be voted on?
re: comment 4: that's bug 214124
The way Scott MacGregor describes how RSS feeds could be integrated into
thunderbird works already with Opera's mailclient M2 (the beta Opera 7.5 at
least has it...)

It's completely integrated, and works just the way e-mail works... it can also
be filtered; copied to mail folders, very interesting.

I've added an screenshot of M2 displaying an rss feed for better illustration.
verycool. thanks for the screen shot. 
(In reply to comment #5)
> re: comment 4: that's bug 214124

The funny thing is that You can't even vote for bug 214124 ;-(
+1 vote :p
Assignee: mscott → bienvenu
initial backend work, starting from Seth's patch, and some stuff added...
I've also checked in some initial code for a thunderbird extension to work with
this backend code, in mail/extensions/newsblog - it's basically myk's forumzilla
extension code with a few changes to use the new backend rss server, and I've
added a js component that the rss server code can use to update/download a feed.
There's a lot of duplicate code between the js component and the extension. I
think the duplication will be removed by moving more code into the js component,
and calling the js component from the extension js, but I need to get a much
better idea of what the interface(s) will look like.

I've added the destination folder for the feed to the subscription ds -
currently, it will always be the folder with the feed name under the news &
blogs server, but  in the future, that will allow us to be flexible about where
the feed gets downloaded.

The next thing I'm going to do is write some code to make unsubscribe work - if
the folder is under the news and blog server, and there are no other feeds
feeding into that folder, then the folder should be removed.
This checkin broke my SeaMonkey build since I don't have the xmlextras extension
enabled.  Can we disable this feature if xmlextras isn't being built?

Do you thought about the feature to write comments to a newsfeed?
Attached patch remove dependency on xmlextras (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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Perhaps we could repurpose the notification code used by mail into something
more generic.

That way, a user can ask to be notified if a feed is updated.  Perhaps use a
different sound, and color/icon for the popup notification.
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need to make set flags set flags_inited flags so we won't crunch the result of
an initial setFlags.
Attachment #151466 - Flags: superreview?(sspitzer)
this change also removes the onload timer stuff, which I'm not sure of the need
for (perhaps because the folder pane in tbird does a delayed load - perhaps we
need to make sure the accounts get loaded in our onload.
Adding Atom to summary - if we can do RSS, we can do Atom
Summary: Thunderbird should act as an RSS newsreader, too → Thunderbird should act as an RSS/Atom newsreader, too
Even *Ximian Evolution* has had integrated RSS feeds for months!!!  Its kind of
buried, though.  You might never find it if you didn't know it was there (.  Now
you know - go check it out ('Tools | Settings | Summary Preferences'. 'News
Feeds' tab).  Article titles appear in the 'Summary'.  In Mozilla/Thunderbird,
I'd suggest adding a 'News Feed' folder, in addition to 'Junk', 'Sent',
'Drafts', etc.  I see no need to make a user add an account, as has been
previously suggested here.  Possibly allow the user to drag-and-drop URLs to the
folder to add new feeds.  Provide a selection of useful feeds.

Since a screenshot of Opera has been posted, I'll try to post one of Evolution,
but since I'm in Windows now, I'll have to do it from another computer.
Shows feed/article titles in summary and setup dialog.
Note that a new version (0.5.1) of Forumzilla, the extension upon which this
code is based, has been released at:

Highlights since 0.5.0 include:

    * a new subscriptions manager for maintaining your feed subscriptions;
    * the option to download stories into any local/POP folder;
    * no need for a separate "News & Blogs" account;
    * a link for opening stories in your web browser;
    * a fix for the bug that caused Forumzilla to redownload stories
      after you deleted them;
    * some performance improvements;
    * a bunch of other bug fixes.

Note that the patches in this bug are forked from an early version of 0.5.1 and
thus may have a version of some of these enhancements.
this patch adds a new interface to nsIMsgLocalMailFolder to add a message, and
switches the newsblog extension to use the interface. This makes it so mail
filters will now work on newsblog messages. I'm seeing an anomaly with "Fr"
displayed before the message, that might be related to this change, though
everything looks OK in the mailbox, and in the message source.
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Comment on attachment 152456 [details] [diff] [review]
make filters work on rss messages

I'll speak up if I start seeing your FR issue after I update with this change
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the message size is off by 2, I'm pretty sure - 2 bytes too big. I'll try to
figure out why. I'm just throwing the data at the parser - not sure it's getting
the message size wrong.
this fixes the problem I mentioned before...
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Component: Mail Window Front End → RSS
When will this be included with the nightly aviary branch builds?
it will be when mscott turns it on, which should be any day now, if it hasn't
already happened.
As with Forumzilla, the integrated RSS reader doesn't handle special characters
(like ä, ö, ü) correctly, instead it only displays a question mark. Two feeds
where you can see this behaviour:

Will this issue be "tackled" in the near future? :)
this has been adressed as a problem in the seperate bug 253807
What is the trick to have Thunderbird display the <description/>?

Works here:

Doesn't work here (shows webpage directly):
marking fixed - please open new bugs for remaining issues. Scott and I (mostly
Scott :-) )have got it basically working.

Neither Scott or I are planning on porting this to Seamonkey, but that doesn't
mean someone else can't or won't.
Closed: 17 years ago
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Blocks: 255834
I filled bug 255834 for Seamonkey port.
Keywords: fixed-aviary1.0
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allow new flag to be set from js

clearing old request
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Component: RSS → Feed Reader
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
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